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We are looking forward to present a large sporting event with high profiling of our sponsors. The sponsor packages will be presented in the following material. The packages can be customised to fit the business concerned in the best possible way and to benefit all partners involved. 



A sponsorship of Absolute Events is a unique possibility for visibility and exposure of your business, in the weeks leading up to, and during the event. We have well established social media platforms in addition to a regularly visited website, where will be branding your business.

- Schou Absolute Horses 

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Stephex Horsetrucks

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Skibby HC

“Eksperter i alt til stalden”. Skibby HC er leveringsdygtige i alt til stalden, ligefra inventar til ridebaner. Vi er utrolig glade for at have dem med ombord ved dette års Danmarksmesterskaber.

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Kolding Kommune

Kolding municipality is supporting the Danish Championship among other sporting events in the area. We really appreciate their sponsorship each year.

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Brogaarden is one of the market's strongest brands within sales of and advice on horse feed.

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Bjerrehuus advokater

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Absolute Horsetrucks


Absolute Cars





Since 1865, the family brewery Fuglsang has produced good Southern Jutland beer. The range has gradually been expanded with specialty beers, soft drinks and water. But at the same time as we develop our products, there are some traditions that we stubbornly hold on to. We carefully choose our raw materials, and we care for the good brewing craft.