sponsors 2018

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Jyske Bank

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Jaguar Land Rover

Our loyal sponsors Jaguar Land Rover will once again be supportive of the equestrian sport, and we present at this years Danish Championships. It will be possible to test drive the fantastic cars Friday and Saturday during the event. 



Alfarvad is another of our loyal sponsors. The company is producing sports horses for the showjumping sport and is an important player in the breeding field. 

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Our good partner Equsana is also on board as sponsor this year. Equsana is the leading horse feed manufacturer in Denmark.

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Kolding Kommune

Kolding municipality is supporting the Danish Championship among other sporting events in the area. We really appreciate their sponsorship each year.

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Walber Equestrian

Vi er glade for at kunne præsentere endnu en sponsor ved dette års Danmarksmesterskaber: Walber Equestrian

Walber har leveret ridebanerne her ved Absolute Horses, hvor vi altid har super bundforhold takket være dem.

Walber Equestrian leverer alt fra de kendte ridebunde Walber Surfaces over staldinventar af det tyske kvalitetsmærke Laake til hestesolarier, spejle til ridehal og bane, baneplanere, eksklusivt træhegn og gummimåtter til stald, bokse og gangarealer.

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Stutteri Ask 

Vi er glade for at have Stutteri Ask med blandt dette års sponsorer ved DM, 2018. Stutteri Ask udgør et af Danmarks største stutterier, og er en vigtig spiller indenfor ridesporten. 

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Soya Concept

About: "Soyaconcept is a fashion design company located in the southern part of Denmark. From here we branch throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world."

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Torntoft og Mortensen

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HP Schou

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Stephex Horsetrucks


Absolute Horsetrucks


Absolute Cars



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Basis Bank

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Copi Group

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Nord Vest Box


Toft Jessen


We are looking forward to present a large sporting event with high profiling of our sponsors. The sponsor packages will be presented in the following material. The packages can be customised to fit the business concerned in the best possible way and to benefit all partners involved. 



A sponsorship of Absolute Events is a unique possibility for visibility and exposure of your business, in the weeks leading up to, and during the event. We have well established social media platforms in addition to a regularly visited website, where will be branding your business.

- Schou Absolute Horses